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Historical Moments

by John D. Boverie, RDR

Although CCRA began around 1910 as CSRA (Colorado Shorthand Reporters Association), my acquaintance with CCRA began in 1964 when I became employed by the 18th Judicial District in Littleton. In those days there were only two divisions in Littleton, two in Brighton, three in Golden, and less than ten in Denver.

The CCRA membership in those days totaled less than 100. The vast majority of reporters were officials, with only a few freelance reporters.

In the fall elections of 1963, what was known as Amendment 1 passed. The effect of this amendment was to abolish what had been the old Justice of Peace court system, to merge the old county and district courts into a new unified court system, to create a new county court, and to create some 25 or so new judgeships for the new system, with the concomitant need for new staff members, especially court reporters. Originally the new county courts were allowed to either hire live reporters or to use tape recording systems. Thus, in total, some 35 new reporters were needed before the unified court system could begin July 1, 1964.

Faced with a shortage of reporters locally, Otto Ulrich, president of CSRA, and the CSRA Board of Directors started a major reporter recruitment drive, soliciting applicants from across the entire United States. Applicants came from many states.

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