Legislative Defense Fund Donation Goal

Collected: $2,340.00
Goal: $12,000.00
We need your help more than ever! Please consider donating to the Legislative Defense Fund to help raise funds for CCRA's lobbying activities.

Did you know that over half of CCRA's operating budget is dedicated to lobbying efforts?

We are in an unprecedented time where we need a lobbyist more than ever. Budgets are being cut, proceedings are being held remotely, and we’re all grappling with how to adapt during the COVID-19 pandemic. Officials need an advocate to let our legislators know that we are an integral part of court proceedings. Freelancers need someone to continue to push for remote notary laws that last well into the future so we can continue to work safely. We need someone to fight for us to ensure that we remain a viable profession and association far into the future. Betsy Murray, CCRA's lobbyist of almost 30 years, is retiring this fall, and this fund will go directly toward hiring her replacement. 

This is the year we need a lobbyist more than ever. How can you help?

  •  Keep your membership active. Over half of your membership dues directly fund our lobbyist.
  • Volunteer to be on the legislative committee. The committee will be instrumental this year by interviewing potential new lobbyists and ensuring that CCRA’s needs are communicated to our lawmakers.
  • Donate to the CCRA Legislative Defense Fund. Due to the global pandemic, we find ourselves in the unfortunate situation of not being able to hold in-person seminars, our second biggest fundraiser behind membership renewals.


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New Member Applications

Kimberly Ritter - freelance, official

Bethany Morse - student - endorsed by Mark Kislingbury

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