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DSA Recipients

CCRA's Distinguished Service Award

Who qualifies for the DSA?

  1. 1. A CCRA member in good standing.
  2. 2. Not be a current officer or director of CCRA.
  3. 3. Involved in the reporting profession on an extensive level, during which involvement the candidates shall have rendered distinguished service to the profession which has contributed to its good reputation, general welfare or worth accomplishments. The committee may consider, among other things, services rendered to state and other reporting associations, public affairs and public relations, writing for association publications, and the advancement of the concept of the superior merits of verbatim court reporting as opposed to other methods. Also considered is the service as an officer, director, committee chair, and/or committee member or other distinguished service to the association and the profession.
  4. 4. Adheres to the Code of Ethics and serves as a role model in the reporting profession.




(Click on each name below to read the award presentation)

2019 Lisa Wagner
Kathy Scheer


No award presented
2016 No award presented
2015 No award presented
2014 Tambria Kelley
2013 Kathy L. Davis
2012 No award presented
2011 Joyce E. Martin
2010 Richard Matt
2009 Shelly Hunter
2008 No award presented
2007 No award presented
2006 Susie DeWitt
2005 Barbara Birger
2004 Sylvia Noneff
2003 Susan Becker
2002 Lisa Knight
2001 No award presented
2000 Jason Meadors
1999 Catherine V. Rodriguez
1998 Mary J. George
1997 James W. Kalana
1996 Julie Matt
1995 Gary R. Blando
1994 Thomas H. Cavanagh
1993 Alan H. Agren
1992 Karen Voepel
1991 Barbara Billings
1990 Eileen Charles Hyatt
1989 Mary Smith Agren
1988 James P. Ford
1987 John D. Boverie
1986 Carol Kerr
1985 Viola Lundberg
1984 Dee Helfrich
1983 Harve Clements
1982 Vivien R. Spitz
1981 Thomas C. Rooklidge
1980 Margorie Allen White
1979 H. E. Jack Dennis
1978 Fred W. Trachte
1977 Otto Ulrich